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Follow-up document and forms

Follow-up document and audited report

The discount is payable following the production of an audited report on capitalized costs. For example, a business filing an audited report in September will receive its discount on its November bill that covers its consumption for October.

A first audited report on capitalized costs may be submitted no sooner than after the project’s eligibility has been confirmed. Subsequently, the other audited reports may be submitted when the business deems it appropriate.

A follow-up document pertaining to the investment projects must be submitted at the same time as an audited report produced by an accountant outside the business (the auditor).

The auditor must verify the capitalized costs for the period covered by the follow-up document in respect of the investment projects.

A final document demonstrating that all projects have been completed and that they meet the objectives of the program must be produced.

The business will bear the cost of the audit and be responsible for it. It will assume the costs and must, in particular, select the auditor.

In the case of applications in respect of which the investments are carried out in other currencies, the conversion to Canadian currency must be submitted in an appendix to the follow-up document in respect of the investment projects.

Application forms

Download and complete the French official forms:

Follow-up document (to be submitted with the audited report)