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Ministère des Finances

Budget and update

 Budget 2022-2023


Budget Usually published once a year, the budget presents the government’s financial and economic policy directions. It outlines the planned revenues and expenditures to ensure the government’s operations over the next fiscal year, as well as the measures implemented to develop Québec’s economy and provide citizens with services that meet their needs.

Budget of March 21, 2023
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Economic and Financial Update

Once a year, usually in the fall, the Minister of Finance tables an economic and financial update, which presents the latest information on the economic situation in Québec and the government’s revenues and expenditures.

Fall 2023 Update
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 Budget 2020-2021

Québec’s Economic and Financial Situation

Due to the unique situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, in June 2020, the Minister of Finance published a snapshot of Québec’s economic and financial situation. This snapshot presented the government’s actions to manage the public health crisis and support Québec’s economy.

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Did you know that the Ministère des Finances has digitized the contents of pre-1997 Budgets? You can now access all budgets since 1950‑1951.

You can also view previous budgets on the websites of the and of the National Assembly This link opens a new window. and the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) This link opens a new window..