Support for the financial sector and enterprises

International Financial Centres

Supporting new projects by businesses specializing in international financial activities

International Financial Centres.

New Financial Services Corporations

Supporting entrepreneurship in Québec’s financial sector

New Financial Services Corporations.

Tax Holiday for Large Investment Projects

Granting a tax holiday for large investment projects

Tax Holiday for Large Investment Projects.

Financial Assistance for Investment Programs

Boosting investment by large businesses (former electricity discount program)

Electricity Discount Programs.

Other topics of interest

of public services

Enhancing the funding of public services to maintain their quality and ensure transparency and accountability in the fee-setting process

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Financing Fund and

Offering Québec public bodies financing at the lowest possible cost by means of pooled financing

All about their mission and mandate

Épargne Placements

A range of advantageous savings and retirement products fully guaranteed by the Québec government

See all products offered Link to Épargne Placements Québec Website.