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Electricity rebate - New measure to stimulate manufacturing invesment

Financing Fund and Financement-Québec

The Financing Fund and Financement-Québec are dedicated to the pooled financing of Québec's public sector organizations.
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saturday, October 1, 2016

Under the Act respecting the ministère des Finances, the Minister's mission is to foster economic development and advise the government on financial matters.

Accordingly, as part of the role of the Department as a central organization, it advises the Minister and the government in the budgetary, fiscal, economic, financial and accounting fields.


  • Your childcare cost per day: Estimate the net daily cost of your childcare expenses.
  • Additional contribution for childcare expenses: estimate the reserve, per pay period.
  • Rénovert, a new tax credit of 20% for eco-friendly home renovations, representing nearly $175 million in tax relief

Press releases

2016-04-29 Launch of the Québec Savings Bonds Sales Campaign
| PDF version | HTML Version |

2016-04-15 Fruitful Discussions Between the Québec and British Columbia Finance Ministers | PDF version |

2016-03-22 Federal Budget 2016-2017 – First Federal Budget: Good News for Québec Families, Questions About Health and Infrastructure
| PDF version |

2016-03-17 Press release No. 1 - Québec Economic Plan - March 2016 - A clear Economic Plan for Building a Modern, Prosperous Québec
| PDF Version | HTML Version |

2016-03-17 Press release No. 2 - Québec Economic Plan - March 2016 - Priority Given to Success in Education
| PDF Version | HTML Version |