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Sign up for electronic funds transfer

The government can make payments to citizens by electronic funds transfer. Signing up for electronic funds transfer is risk-free and secure. Under electronic funds transfer, an amount is transferred from a government bank account to a citizen's bank account on a preset date.


This is a much more attractive payment method than payment by cheque and avoids the need to go to the bank, the danger of postal service delay or interruption. The money is available in the account as soon as the check is issued. It is also a secure way to eliminate the danger of loss or theft of a cheque and enables the government to make substantial savings.

To sign up

This payment method applies to all payments made by the Québec government. Simply complete the form over the Internet Link to Qué website. , or phone the government department or organization Link to Qué website. that issued the cheque. The form is also available in certain financial institutions.

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Cashing a government cheque

Cashing a government cheque is possible, under certain conditions, without the need to hold a bank account, at the following financial institutions: Royal Bank, CIBC, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, National Bank, Laurentian Bank and at Desjardins savings and credit unions.


Visit one of the financial institutions listed above with a piece of identification (with photo and signature) or with two other pieces of identification bearing the signature of the bearer.

Government cheques issued by Finances Québec are cashable for their full value up to a maximum of twelve months after the date of issue before becoming stale-dated.

Section 251, of the Consumer Protection Act stipulates that no fee can be demanded from a person for exchanging or cashing a cheque or another order of payment issued by the Québec government or the Canadian government as well as by a municipal corporation.

Replacement or cancellation of a cheque

To replace a lost, stolen or stale-dated cheque, to cancel a cheque or request that cheques stop being issued to a deceased person, contact the Direction des ressources financières of the department or organization that issued the cheque Link to Qué website.. You can choose to sign up for electronic funds transfer Link to Qué website. (in French only).

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Other questions

Whom to contact when a citizen or company has done work for the government and has not received the payment due?

Contact the department or organization Link to Qué website. concerned.

You've signed up for payment by electronic funds transfer and you have changed bank account?

You must notify the department or organization Link to Qué website. concerned of the change.

How to notify us of a change of address for a cheque?

Contact the department or organization Link to Qué website. concerned.

In the case of a succession, where a cheque is made payable to a deceased person, what should the liquidator do?

Apply for a new cheque to be issued.

In case of ceasing to issue a cheque for a deceased person, what should the liquidator do?

Ask for the cancellation of the cheque.

What should a merchant do when asked to cash a government cheque?

The merchant should not take on this responsibility since a government cheque can be cashed, without the need to hold a bank account, at most financial institutions.

For a payment due to the government, to whom should the cheque be made payable?

All cheques must be made payable to the Minister of Finance of Québec.

For further information, contact the department or organization Link to Qué website. concerned.

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