Interest rates

Rate offered on "line of credit" loans.

Here is the rate offered by the Financing Fund and Financement-Québec on "line of credit" loans:

  As of
Gross rate 2.02875%
Issuance and loan administration expenses +0.05%
Rate applicable to loans 2.07875%

The gross rate corresponds to the average rate for one-month Canadian bankers' acceptances shown on page CDOR of the Reuters system at 10 a.m. or on any other appropriate page or alternative quotation system, as the case may be.

In accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to loans and the Regulation respecting borrowings made by a body (CQLR, chapter A-6.001, r.3) , the interest rate applicable to short-term financing may not exceed the rate on Canadian bankers’ acceptances on the date of the loan, plus 0.3%, including all fees.

Rates for the year: 2020

Historical rates: 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019

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