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Bureau général de dépôts pour le Québec

Make a deposit for financial obligations

The function of the Bureau général de dépôts pour le Québec of the Ministère des Finances du Québec is to administer sums of money and securities held on deposit for the purposes of, among other things, suretyships and guarantees under laws, regulations, directives and agreements by companies, organizations, individuals (extrajudicial deposits) and courthouses (judicial deposits). The sums are held on deposit and therefore do not belong to the State (see the Financial statements of the General Deposit Office as of March 31, 2021 Cet hyperlien ouvrira un document PDF dans une nouvelle fenêtre. Document PDF., in French only).

It is therefore possible for a person to make a deposit, in connection with one or more financial obligations, by depositing it with the Bureau général de dépôts pour le Québec, which will administer the property deposited from extrajudicial files.

The following are the reasons for making a deposit:

  • an amount is owed to a creditor who refuses to receive it or is absent from the place where the debt is payable;
  • an amount is required for disputed claims.

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In order to determine the eligibility of the file in question, please first contact the Bureau général de dépôts pour le Québec by email or telephone.

Once the file is determined to be eligible, you can deposit an amount with the Bureau général de dépôts pour le Québec. Here is the procedure:

  • create a file containing the relevant supporting documents. The following items must be included:
    • a brief explanation of the situation,
    • the nature of the debt,
    • the security entitlement or contract that created it,
    • information identifying the persons to whom the amount is to be paid (name and last known address),
    • the cheque made out to the Minister of Finance or the banking information for the pre-authorized debit;
  • send everything by email or mail.

Once the file has been received and accepted by the Bureau général de dépôts pour le Québec, the amount will be cashed and a receipt will be issued in the name of the depositor.

Contact information

Bureau général de dépôts pour le Québec
8, rue Cook, 2e étage
Québec (Québec) G1R 0A4
Phone: 418 643-5817