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A call to academic economists regarding actions to be prioritized to accelerate economic recovery

Québec’s Minister of Finance, Eric Girard, is calling on academic economists to propose, in particular through research, actions to accelerate the economic recovery, ensure sustainable economic growth, stimulate Québec’s regions and reduce the budget deficit that will result from the COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining adequate funding for health and education.

A number of questions emerge, including questions about the most effective measures to be implemented, reforms to be undertaken, regulations to be revised or sectors to be prioritized.

This invitation was extended to all economics departments in Québec universities as well as research groups. The Minister of Finance is also encouraging academic economists from universities outside Québec to participate.

Interested academic economists are invited to submit their research to the Ministère des Finances du Québec by August 21, 2020.

If you have any questions or wish to submit documents, you can write to