Electricity discount program applicable to large power consumers served by off-grid systems

Follow-up document and audited report

The discount is payable following the production of an audited report. The report can be submitted no earlier than six months after the confirmation of the project’s eligibility or when the investments completed reach 25% of the eligible costs or exceed 50% of the annual electricity costs. An audited report must be submitted subsequently with each additional cumulative segment of 25% of expenses incurred or annually on the anniversary date of the discount, except for the final audited report, which can concern a lesser amount.

  • For example, a business that received an electricity discount eligibility certificate in January 2019 with eligible costs of $10 million can submit an audited report when the investments completed in its projects reach $2.5 million or in July 2019.

A follow-up document pertaining to the investment projects must be submitted at the same time as the audited report produced by an accountant outside the business (the auditor).

  • The auditor must verify the capitalized costs for the period covered by the follow-up document in respect of the investment projects.

A final document showing the outcomes of the projects according to the program’s objectives or, where warranted, indicating the justifications for projects not completed must be produced.

The business will bear the cost of the audit and be responsible for it. It will assume the costs and must, in particular, select the auditor.

In the case of applications in respect of which the investments are carried out in other currencies, the conversion to Canadian currency must be submitted in an appendix to the follow-up document in respect of the investment projects.

Application form

Download and complete the French official form:

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Follow-up document and audited report