Electricity discount program to promote greenhouse development

Follow-up document and verification report

The discount is payable following the production of a verification report confirming the realization of the investments stipulated in the application.

  • Each verification report must include a minimum of $125 000 in eligible costs. Only the final report can depart from this condition.

The verification report must be submitted at the same time as each follow-up document in respect of investment projects.

  • The verification report must list the eligible costs for the period covered by the follow-up document in respect of the investment projects.

The business must bear the cost of the verification process and assume responsibility for it. It will assume the costs and must select the auditor, if applicable.

At the conclusion of the project, a document must be produced to confirm the attainment of the program’s objectives. The document must accompany the final auditor’s report.

Application form

Download and complete the French official form:

To help you, an English courtesy version of the form is available:

Follow-up document in respect of investment projects