Policies governing individuals and the economy

The sector, which includes the Direction générale des politiques aux particuliers, the Direction des relations fédérales-provinciales and the Direction générale de l'analyse et de la prévision économiques, is mainly responsible for advising officials in the department on:

  • policies pertaining to the taxation of individuals;
  • federal-provincial financial relations;
  • economic analysis and forecasts.

Furthermore, the DIRECTION GÉNÉRALE DES POLITIQUES AUX PARTICULIERS advises officials in the department on the impact on individuals of policies, especially in the realm of fiscal, family and social policies.

The DIRECTION DES RELATIONS FÉDÉRALES-PROVINCIALES advises officials in the department on the financial impact and dynamics of federal government transfer programs in Québec.

Lastly, the DIRECTION GÉNÉRALE DE L’ANALYSE ET DE LA PRÉVISION ÉCONOMIQUES advises officials in the department on economic conditions and the macroeconomic situation in Québec and in Canada.