Financing, Debt Management, and Banking and Financial Operations

This sector:

  • provides for the financing of government activities and public bodies;
  • carries out the government’s borrowing program on financial markets;
  • provides short- and long-term funding to Québec public sector organizations;
  • markets, through Épargne Placements Québec, savings products issued by the Québec government;
  • implements the necessary authorizations and financial documentation for borrowings, financial instruments and other financial transactions of the government, Québec public sector bodies and municipalities and ensures their compliance with laws, regulations and market practices;
  • manages the government’s debt;
  • negotiates financial instruments to achieve the objectives set for the debt structure;
  • manages the government’s banking and financial transactions;
  • analyzes the financial aspects of various projects;
  • manages the Bureau général de dépôts pour le Québec, whose role is to administer sums and securities deposited as guarantee or security under laws and regulations;
  • maintains and develops business ties with investors (buyers of Québec bonds) and financial institutions that participate in the financing of the government;
  • oversees the financing of municipalities on financial markets.