Federal-provincial relations, debt, retirement plans and financial operations – Financing and debt management

These sectors ensure financing of the government and other public sector bodies. In this capacity, they:

  • advises authorities on federal-provincial relations;
  • forecasts federal transfers (equalization, the Canada Health Transfer, the Canada Social Transfer and other programs);
  • negotiates Canada-Québec infrastructure agreements;
  • prepares the financial and legal documents required for financial transactions;
  • manages the government’s banking and financial transactions;
  • forecasts the government’s debt service expenditure;
  • forecasts and manages the debt;
  • maintains and develops ties with financial institutions that participate in financing the government, and with investors and credit rating agencies;
  • monitors public and parapublic sector employee retirement plans and establishes the sinking fund investment policy respecting such plans;
  • monitors the Generations Fund and determines the fund's investment policy;
  • markets, through Épargne Placements Québec, savings products issued by the Québec government;
  • analyzes the financial aspects of various projects.