Tax policy governing businesses, economic development and government corporations

The sector devoted to tax policy governing businesses, economic development and government corporations, which includes the Direction des sociétés d'État, is mainly responsible for elaborating policies and measures aimed at Québec firms to enable them to further develop and enhance their competitiveness. In this capacity, it:

  • advises the Minister and the government on economic and fiscal policies;
  • elaborates policies governing business taxation;
  • elaborates structuring fiscal measures for businesses;
  • proposes budget measures that broaden support for investment, innovation and job creation;
  • ensures follow-up to tax measures.

What is more, the Direction des sociétés d'État advises the Minister and departmental officials to ensure the financial competitiveness of the government's economic-based corporations. Moreover, it orients and guides economic and financial analysis of:

  • requests from government corporations concerning the application of regulatory, legal or budgetary provisions;
  • the government's economic-based enterprises, whose financial statements are consolidated with those of the government;
  • economic projects submitted by private promoters or government corporations that require government financial intervention;
  • business support programs.

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