Budgetary policy

The sector is primarily responsible for developing the government’s budgetary policy and coordinating departmental budgetary and public finance initiatives. In this capacity, the sector:

  • advises the Minister on budgetary policy;
  • establishes and proposes to the government a multi-year financial framework, in particular for the purposes of the budget speech and the fall update;
  • establishes and proposes Québec’s directions in regard to public finances, including the overall spending objective, and sees to the application and monitoring of budgetary policy;
  • proposes investment directions, primarily the establishment of the overall target of the Québec Infrastructure Plan;
  • monitors and establishes financial organization policy respecting bodies and special funds;
  • submits proposals for the funding of public services and supports departments and bodies with respect to rates and fees;
  • forecasts and monitors own-source revenue;
  • proposes directions regarding the specific tax on fuel and the taxation of natural resources;
  • forecasts and monitors the government’s net financial requirements and cash flow budget;
  • tracks government revenue and expenditure, and proposes actions to achieve budgetary objectives;
  • updates and releases information on the government’s budgetary situation, for example through the monthly report on financial transactions, as well as on various questions concerning Québec’s public finances;
  • prepares a pre-election report on Québec’s financial situation;
  • reviews the budgetary planning process on an ongoing basis for the Ministère, as well as for other departments and bodies;
  • develops an overall vision of trends and tendencies in the areas of budgetary policy and public finance management, particularly by monitoring interprovincial and international public finances.