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The Quebec Economic Plan - November 2017 Update

Enabling Quebecers to reap the benefits of growth

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Reduction in the tax burden on individuals: nearly $2.3 billion per year as of 20171 000 dollars more for families + 100 dollars per child per year. Calculate your tax reduction

A decrease in the tax rate applicable to the first dollars of earned income, from 16% to 15%, for more than 4.2 million taxpayers: a historically low rate.

Thus, as of 2017, taxpayers will see a reduction in their tax burden of:

  • $1 000 for a couple with two equal work incomes of $44 050;
  • $500 for a person living alone with a work income of $44 050.
In addition, $100 per child will be paid to families each year for the purchase of school supplies, as of the 2017 school year.*
*For the 2017 school year, the payment will be made in January 2018 by Retraite Québec at the same time as the child assistance payment.

Document, page C3

A plan to lift more than 100 000 people out of poverty: additional investments of $2.6 billion:Lift more than 100 000 people out of poverty

These investments will:

  • increase benefits under the last resort financial assistance and Objectif emploi programs;
  • increase the incentive to work;
  • facilitate the social inclusion of people with low incomes.

Document, page C27

Additional investments to improve services: nearly $1.1 billion over six years

Health – $630 million to, in particular:
  • improve residential care services for seniors;
  • offer improved mental health services for vulnerable clienteles;
  • prevent addiction: for example, cannabis addiction.
105 million of dollars de more per year for support of seniors, mental health and addiction prevention.

Document, page A34

Education and childhood – $337 million for the strategy for children between the ages of 0 and 8, in addition to the $3.4 billion announced in March 2017 for the Plan for Success: A Lifelong Process from Early Childhood, that is:
  • $125 million to support the quality of education in childcare services and promote equality of opportunity for all children;
  • $212 million to hire 500 specialists, such as speech therapists and ortho-pedagogists, in schools.
500 additional specialists to assist students.
Higher education – another $107 million to:
  • better support students, as well as their success and integration.

Document, page C35

Support for regional economies: more than $660 million over six years

  • $367 million for the deployment of accessible, high-performance digital infrastructure in all regions of Québec: over 90% of Quebecers will have access to ultra-high-speed Internet;
  • $300 million to support economic development in all regions.
Over 90% of Quebecers will have access to ultra-high-speed Internet. 100% of Quebecers will have access to high-speed Internet.

Document, page D5

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