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Business Corporations Act (BCA)

Note: All PDF documents PDF document will open in another window.  And please note that all links to external websites will open a warning that you are leaving the department's Website"

Tabling of the final report

The Report on the Application of the Business Corporations Act PDF document  was tabled at the National Assembly on Wednesday March 9, 2016.

Reform of the Companies Act

On December 1, 2009, the National Assembly adopted the Business Corporations Act. This legislation applies to corporations covered by parts I and IA of the Companies Act.

Press release PDF document  – adoption

Reference document

In the course of the work leading to the adoption of the legislation, the Minister of Finance, Raymond Bachand, prepared a reference document providing comments on the provisions of the legislation. The Minister is pleased to make the document public [French only].

Volume 1 - articles 1 to 275 PDF document 
Volume 2 - articles 276 to 496 and 715 to 729 PDF document 

Special consultations

Pursuant to a motion passed by the National Assembly on Tuesday, October 20, 2009, the Commission des finances publiques was charged with holding special consultations on November 3 and 4, 2009, regarding Bill n° 63 - Business Corporations Act.

Additional briefs tabled in the course of the special consultations held by the Commission des finances publiques November 3 and 4, 2009 [in French only].

Tabling of the bill

The Minister of Finance, Raymond Bachand, tabled Bill 63 - Business Corporations Act, on October 7, 2009, in the National Assembly.

Press release PDF document 
Appendices PDF document 

Public consultation

Prior to the bill being tabled, a broad consultation was held, beginning in December 2007. Twenty-five briefs were tabled by professional orders, law firms, organizations dedicated to the protection of shareholder rights, business groups and university professors. An expert panel also advised the department of the many issues at stake.

The Minister of Finance thanks those who expressed the point of view and invites interested persons to examine the briefs, which are listed below.

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Working paper

Working paper   (32 pages, 670,66 Kb)

Briefs tabled during the consultation

Association du Barreau canadien / Division Québec, Comité sur la modernisation de la LCQ
Brief (32 pages, 182 Kb) [French only]

Barreau du Québec
Brief (5 pages, 214 Kb) [French only]

Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries
Brief (34 pages, 127 Kb)

Canadian Coalition for Good Governance
Brief (2 pages, 17,8 Kb)

Centre d'études en droit économique (CÉDÉ), Université Laval et Chaire en droit des affaires et du commerce international, Université de Montréal
Brief (35 pages, 184 Kb) [French only]

Centre de recherches et d'analyses sur les corporations, Division de Corporation Resolve
Brief (12 pages, 888 Kb) [French only]

Chambre des notaires du Québec
Brief (5 pages, 214 Kb) [French only]

Cogeco inc.
Brief (16 pages, 778 Kb) [French only]

Comité syndical national de retraite Bâtirente inc.
Brief (7 pages, 330 Kb) [French only]

Conseil du patronat du Québec
Brief (13 pages, 82,2 Kb) [French only]

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
Brief (39 pages, 2,02 Mb) [French only]

Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec
Brief (4 pages, 43,3 Kb) [French only]

Me Geneviève Dufour, professeure adjointe à l'Université de Montréal
Brief (38 pages, 192 Kb) [French only]

Heenan Blaikie
Brief (12 pages, 63 Kb) [French only]

Institut sur la gouvernance d'organisations privées et publiques
Brief (8 pages, 50,9 Kb) [French only]

Jacques C. Lavallée
Brief (1 page, 7,81 Kb) [French only]

Jarislowsky Fraser Limited
Brief (5 pages, 248 Kb)

Lavery, De Billy
Brief (31 pages, 932 Kb) [French only]

Mouvement d'éducation et de défense des actionnaires (MÉDAC)
Brief (23 pages, 1,52 Mb) [French only]

Ogilvy Renault
Brief (22 pages, 930 Kb) [French only]

Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec
Brief (13 pages, 76,1 Kb) [French only]

Ordre des comptables en management accrédités du Québec
Brief (6 pages, 39,5 Kb) [French only]

Ordre des comptables généraux associés (CGA) du Québec
Brief (12 pages, 205 Kb) [French only]

Osler, Hoskins & Harcourt
Brief (9 pages, 350 Kb) [French only]

Shareholder Association for Research & Education
Brief (6 pages, 66,9 Kb)

Stikeman Elliott, task force
Brief (20 pages, 935 Kb) [French only]