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Regulation respecting the distribution of information

Under the Regulation respecting the distribution of information and the protection of personal information, the documents and information set out in section 4 of the Regulation that concern the Department must be distributed through the Department website, insofar as they have been made available and accessible, or must be accessible through a hyperlink to the site distributing them.

The information to be distributed in accordance with section 4 of the Regulation is listed below.


  1. Organization chart of the Department (in French only)
  2. Names of the management staff or officers of the Department (in Frenh only)
  3. Name of the person in charge of access to documents and name of the person in charge of the protection of personal information
  4. Classification plan
  5. Inventory of personal information files
  6. Register of releases and use of personal information for another public body
  7. Studies, reports or statistics produced by or for the Department
  8. Documents sent under a request for access to information
  9. Public registers required by law for which the Department is responsible
  10. Description of the services offered and programs implemented by the Department
  11. Bills and Acts under the authority of the Minister of Finance
  12. Draft regulations published in the Gazette officielle du Québec and regulations
  13. Information pertaining to contracts entered into by the Department
  14. List of financial commitments sent to the secretariat of the Conseil du trésor
  15. Documents produced under a statute or tabled in the National Assembly


  1. Travel expenses
  2. Information pertaining to travel expenses in Québec
  3. Information pertaining to travel expenses outside Québec
  4. Expenses for an executive vehicle of a minister or the holder of a full-time senior position
  5. Information pertaining to each official expense of an executive secretary or the holder of a full-time senior position
  6. Information pertaining to expenses for hospitality activities
  7. Information pertaining to training activities, conferences and conventions
  8. Information pertaining to training contracts
  9. Information pertaining to publicity and promotion contracts
  10. Information pertaining to mobile telecommunications contracts
  11. Information pertaining to each subsidy granted under the Minister's discretionary budget
  12. Information pertaining to each lease of space occupied by the Department
  13. List of annual salaries, indemnities and allowances of the Minister, executive secretary and holders of full-time senior positions

Distribution time limits and information updates

The Department may not be able to compile all of the information to be distributed, within the time limit stipulated in the Regulation respecting the distribution of information and the protection of personal information.

In that case, the Department indicates that the published information is incomplete and that the missing information will be distributed as soon as it becomes known. At that time, the corresponding record will be updated for the period concerned.