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Do you like legislation and want to contribute to the Québec government's tax regulations? Join the experienced team of tax experts at the Ministère des Finances.

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Soft skills profile

Competency profiles have been developed to identify the core, specific and relational competencies as well as personal qualities required for tax experts to perform their duties.

  • Knowledge of the different tax regimes and taxation principles applicable in Québec
  • Analysis
    Break down a situation or problem into its main elements in order to understand its relationships and identify its overarching structure
  • Written communication
    Communicate ideas or information in writing in a clear and accurate manner, with particular attention to the quality of the language
  • Oral communication
    Communicate ideas or information orally in a way that is easily understood
  • Problem-solving skills
    Find solutions to problems through a variety of means using a creative approach that is adapted to the situation
  • Ability to synthesize information
    Integrate facts, ideas or data that may come from different sources into a coherent, understandable and concise unit
  • Interpersonal skills
    Establish and maintain good relationships with others, interact with them and foster a positive environment
  • Team work
    Work in collaboration with others to achieve common objectives
  • Thoroughness
    Demonstrate great thoroughness in the work performed
  • Flexibility and adaptability
    Respond positively to change and remain effective in varied or ambiguous situations
  • Autonomy
    Work under little supervision and do so without relying on others
  • Stress management
    Adapt to stressful situations while remaining focused, efficient and productive
  • Priority management
    Use one’s time and that of others wisely
  • Sense of responsibility
    Demonstrate commitment to assigned responsibilities
  • Professionalism
    Act in all circumstances with the utmost professionalism

Specific skills may be required depending on the particularities of the job.