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Do you enjoy working with numbers? Do you want to be part of a team of accountants? The Ministère des Finances has over 100 specialists in accounting.

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Soft skills profile

Competency profiles have been developed to identify the core, specific and relational competencies as well as personal qualities required for government accounting analysts to perform their duties.

  • Analytical skills
    Systematically understand a situation or problem by identifying its basis elements, the relationships between these elements and the structural principles behind these relationships
  • Ability to synthesize information
    Integrate various elements or pieces of information into a unified structure to obtain an overview or perspective of the relationships between them
  • Decision-making and judgment
    Make appropriate decisions that demonstrate sound judgment
  • Oral communication
    Communicate ideas orally using a dynamic approach adapted to the audience
  • Written communication
    Communicate ideas in writing in clear, accurate and error-free language
  • Ability to work in a team
    Work in a constructive and harmonious manner with members of a team to achieve common objectives
  • Technical and professional skills
    Demonstrate the technical or professional skills required to carry out responsibilities and tasks efficiently
  • Thoroughness
    Comply closely and completely with the prescribed procedures and work methods in order to guarantee a high level of quality and accuracy
  • Integrity
    Be trustworthy, honour commitments and act according to accepted social and professional values

Specific skills may be required depending on the particularities of the job.