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Students and interns

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Would you like to find a job in your field of students during the summer vacations or even during the school year?

Are you completing your studies and looking for a job that is challenging and offers attractive working conditions?

Do you want to make a significant contribution to Québec's economic growth?

To meet its significant need for student labour, the Ministère des Finances offers internships and jobs to students throughout the year. Government departments and public organizations are now authorized to hire students part-time, from September 1st to March 31st (for a maximum of 14 hours per week).

Visit the Carières portal in the Étudiants et stagiaires Link will open in a new window [available in French only] section or the Comment poser sa candidature Link will open in a new window [available in French only] section to learn more.

How to apply for a student job?

Are you studying and looking for a job relating to your field of studies? The Ministère uses Emploi Québec's Placement en ligne Link will open in a new window [available in French only] service, which offers an online registration service.

Like every other government department and public organization, the ministère des Finances must consult Emploi Québec's Placement en ligne service to hire students. Do you want to apply for a job? Register now so we can view your application.

To see the eligibility requirements and to apply, visit the Placement en ligne Link will open in a new window [available in French only] section on Emploi Québec's website .

How to get an internship

Would you like to complete an internship at the Ministère? We need interns in various fields, including accounting, finance, economics, computer science and administration.

Eligibility criteria

You must be enrolled in a school and credits must be awarded for the completion of your internship.

Send your resume at any time to the following address:

Keep an eye out for internship offers published by your educational institution, since the Ministère will post offers there.