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Cultural diversity

Photo showing cultural diversity

Recognizing the benefits of diversity means opening a window on the world to share in a spirit of mutual understanding and respect.

Several cultural communities are represented among the personnel of the ministère des Finances and work in various activity sectors. The Ministère is aiming to raise the representation rate to 25% to add depth to its regular, casual and student staff as well as its interns.

To enable employees to get to know their colleagues and their cultures, the Ministère occasionally organizes activities where the rich tapestry of cultural diversity is featured: theme lunches and lectures. The pleasure of sharing is indeed encouraged!

Equal opportunity

The Québec government believes in the benefits of diversity and equal opportunity. That is why it has set up programs and measures The link will open in a new window [available in French only] to foster equal opportunity and increase representation of members of cultural communities, English-speakers, aboriginal persons, handicapped persons and women.

What do we mean by members of a cultural community?

“A member of a cultural community is any person who belongs to a visible minority or any person whose mother tongue is other than French or English. The mother tongue is defined as the first language learned and still understood.” [Translation]

To learn more, see the heading Accès à l'égalité en emploi The link will open in a new window [available in French only] on the website of the Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor.

Find a job with the Ministère

The first step for an immigrant person who wants to work in the public service is to visit the Immigrate and settle in Québec The link will open in a new window section of the website of the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion.

The next step is to participate in a qualification process. For more information, see the How to find a job section on our website and the Carrières portal The link will open in a new window [available in French only] of the Québec government.