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  Budget 2022-2023

Comparison of the net debt of governments in Canada

As at March 31, 2022, Québec’s net debt burden will be 39.8% of GDP, compared with the provincial average of 33.0%.

Net debt of governments in Canada as at March 31, 2022 - Percentage of GDP
Gross debt and debt representing accumulated deficits as at March 31, 2021 (percentage of GDP)
Province Féd. T.-N.-L. Ont. Qc Man. N.-B. N.-S. PEI Alta. Sask. B.C.
Moyenne 51.3 50.7 43.1 32.4 37.6 35.8 35.0 30.6 21.3 17.6 17.2
(1) Average obtained by dividing the sum of provincial debts by the sum of provincial GDPs.
Sources: Public accounts, budgetary documents and Statistics Canada.