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Update on Québec’s Economic and Financial Situation – Fall 2020

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A strong and swift response to a historic crisis

$1.8B in new initiatives.

$287M to support Quebecers and our economy
  • $100M to address psychological distress
  • $50M to ensure safe subsidized childcare services
  • $57M to adapt educational settings and foster distance learning
  • $10M to support vulnerable population groups

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Document, page B.17

$1.5B to restart the economy
  • $459M to help get Quebecers back into the labour market
  • $477M to drive economic growth
  • $547M to ensure a greener recovery and promote Québec production and buying locally

Additional information
Document, page B.43

Over $12.7B invested since march to tackle the public health crisis and support the economy

  • $5.0B to strengthen our health care system
  • $5.9B to support Quebecers and our economy
  • $1.8B to restart the economy

Additional information
Document, page B.4

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